Rob Dolan wines

by LéChash, 26 Feb 2019

We first fell in love with Rob Dolans Pinot Gris after securing it in a deal in our local bottle shop. 4 bottles of wine to get 20% off.

Bargain eh?

But it piqued our interest as we’d never come across this particular Vineyard. Plus personally, I’d never been a white wine lover but being the summer time I was looking to expand my horizons and try something a little different. Rob Dolan certainly delivered!

Rob Dolan Pinot Gris

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t pretend to be professionals – we’re clearly not. Just call us a couple of wine enthusiasts on a mission to taste all the wine (there’s a lot to get through!!) then showcase our favs.

First impressions were no fuss bottle (label/brand name product name) but a little classy (there was silver lettering on the label after all). We had come home with 4 different bottles after all (20% off is pretty much a free bottle!!) but curious to try this wine to say the very least. Then we poured ourselves a glass. It was pink – surprising for a Pinot Gris but super fresh and super fruity. From the first mouthful we were in!!

We decided to take the trek down to the Yarra Valley to check out the venue ourselves and see just what Rob Dolan Wines produce.

Rob Dolan Vine Yards

These guys are amazing. We were welcomed in by Leigh, a young guy that actually looked pretty happy to be at work. He was knowledgeable, charming and passionate about the product and best of all – he greeted us like we were old friends. Immediately we felt comfortable and were excited to taste the range.

Rob Dolan Wines really do have something for everybody, even the fussiest of wine drinker is sure to find a drop that suits their tastes. Whilst they charge a $5 tasting fee – this does come off the cost of your purchases so we think its perfectly reasonable. Plus they have a range of other discounts when you purchase multiple bottles in their range so if you’re planning on making your way down there – be sure to bring some change to splurge on this fine fruity nectar.

Rob Dolan Pinot Noir

Some standouts for us you ask?! Ah boy where do we begin?

Pick of the range by your Pleasantly Pickled hosts:

  • Well obviously, the White label 2018 Pinot Gris. If it wasn’t for this bad boy we’d never have made the discovery of the quality range Rob Dolan have on offer.
  • Black Label 2017 Arneis
  • 2016 True Colours Chardonnay (Give this a crack if you hate an Oaky Chardonnay)
  • 2017 White Label Pinot Noir

Check these guys out below or jump onboard a tour with Pleasantly Pickled. It may be one of our stops!