Tour of wine

We love wine

Wine tours

  • Pickup from central location
  • Stops at some prestigious and small-scale venues in and around the Mornington Pennisula region
  • Cheese and wine/ beer tastings
  • Lunch
  • Excellent service
  • Cracking scenery
  • Sweet sweet tunes
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Tour of beer

Beer beer BEER

Brewery Tours

  • Pickup from Melbourne CBD Central location
  • Stops at some of the vast number of micro-brewies around the Melbourne region
  • Beer & Cider tastings
  • Lunch/nibbles
  • Excellent service
  • Cracking locations
  • Sweet sweet tunes
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Tour of something else

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Private tour

Completely customisable for your event we can visit a range of wineries, breweries or both. Our private tours include:

  • Pickup at a destination of choice (up to 1.5 hours out of the region)
  • Up to 4 venues of your choice
  • Tastings and Lunch
  • Themed tour for your special occasion
  • Drop off at destination of choice (up to 1.5 hours out of the region)
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Pleasantly pickled [plez-uhnt ly pik-uh ld] adj.

A temporary state in which one's perceived physical and mental abilities are enhanced by socially acceptable consumption of alcoholic beverages;